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MSC now Delivering Tri-Band UAV Antennas

Microwave Specialty Company has commenced delivering tri-band UAV ground station command and control antennas in support of the U.S. Military.  MSC’s tri band reflector antenna operates at L,S, C frequency bands to provide flexibility to the operators in the field.  Reflector sizes range from 3’ – 5’ in diameter. Each antenna is manufactured and tested at MSC’s Southern California Facility.  Antenna specifications are below:

Frequency1.3 - 6 GHz
Gain19 dBi min. @ 3' Diam.
Polarization Linear / Dual Linear
VSWR2.6:1 Max
X Pol> 20 dB
Sidelobes>12 dB
Weight13 lbs @ 3' Diam.

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