About MSC

Founded in 1975, Microwave Specialty Company began to develop waveguide phased array antennas for the military. Capabilities were later expanded to include antennas for commercial wireless communication.

Since then MSC has created over 4,000 designs with customers world-wide for communication, video, and data transmission applications. Products include military, commercial wireless, airborne, and satellite antennas and systems. MSC is an industry leader in antennas from 400 MHz to 60 GHz.

In 2002, Rantec and Microwave Specialty Company merged to form Rantec Microwave Systems, Inc., broadening the strength of both companies while still maintaining the company brands. Each company is fully equipped to design and manufacture a broad range of antennas without overlap of product categories. Customer inquiries that would involve technologies from both companies are managed to ensure that the customer receive the technology benefits of both Rantec and MSC.


  • High performance antennas for global communication.
  • Fast prototype development.
  • Customer support from low to high volume.
  • Developing partnerships with customers and suppliers.

MSC professional engineers and certified engineering technicians are backed by state-of-the-art analytical equipment with the ability to work up to 60 GHz. We offer a wide variety of custom and standard antenna design, fabrication, and repair services.

MSC has two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawing capabilities. We adhere to engineering drawing requirements based on DOD-D-1000, DOD-STD-100 and suppoting documents as issued by the Depart of Defense, National Bureau of Standards, and various trade societies.


Two-thirds of the MSC 50,000 ft2 facility is dedicated to manufacturing including machining, welding, fiberglass layup, sheet metal, painting, and shipping departments. At MSC quality is paramount. Through all phases of production, from planning through shipping, we ensure excellence. We know what it takes to build quality products.

MSC Maintains stringent guidelines for inspection procedures. We are committed to quality assurance that conforms to ISO 9000 standards and that exceeds military specification MIL-I-45208A or will work with you to meet your specific needs.

omnitracsMSC has earned the reputation of an industry leader in contract antenna manufacturing by supplying more than 500,000 Omni Track antennas for Qualcomm over the past 30 years.

  • High to low volume orders.
  • Special orders and prototypes.
  • Standard production runs.

We offer customers superior service and the greatest value in technologically advanced sourcing.